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SmartHome Technology Double Play at Truist Park!

Kicking it off for the 2021-2022 Retrofit Roadshow, GigaMonster Networks felt honored to be a panelist for the 2021 SmartHome Summit presented by WhiteSpace, Building Technology Advisors. These incredible partners, WhiteSpace, Greystar, DIRECTV, iApartments and GigaMonster teamed up to share their expertise in the SmartHome space for owners looking to retrofit their existing infrastructure with loT capabilities. We were excited to share news and data from real-world examples and experiences.

The panel was moderated by Mike Smith, President & CEO, WhiteSpace and included Bill Dodd, Co-Founder and CEO, GigaMonster Networks, Dave Magrisso, Co-founder & CEO, iApartments, Mark Cunningham, Director ISP, MDU & PIP Sales DIRECTV, and Cris Kimbrough, Senior Director, Smart Building Technology, Greystar.

The open communication throughout the afternoon highlighted several areas of retrofitting SmartHome technologies including, how to be competitive in today’s market, retrofitting obstacles, cots, details and customer demands, timing, managed Wi-Fi benefits and most important, how to get started. The casual atmosphere of the beautiful Hank Arron terrace at Truist Park provided the perfect setting for a homerun of an afternoon!

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