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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

In early May, our Executive Team had the opportunity and privilege to meet with Broadband Leaders in Houston, TX to discuss bringing cutting edge technology to people nationwide. GigaMonster is proud to collaborate with community experts, multifamily property owners, and master developers to transform the way communities can connect. These networking opportunities allow cross-organizational communication to flow freely, much like the Scary Fast® High-Speed Internet GMN provides to families and properties across the country. Maintaining these relationships helps our Leaders focus on what is truly important to customers and various cities or towns we service.

GigaMonster took advantage of the annual gathering and used the time to co-host a dinner with DIRECTV on May 3rd. The dinner provided the perfect opportunity to bring together the brightest minds from GMN, DIRECTV, owners, and clients. Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse provided the perfect setting to bring collaborative efforts together in the shape of a round-table dinner function.

“Tuesday night was the highlight of our week. Thank you for being such gracious hosts. We appreciate you!”

Amy Chien, Director of Strategic Innovations, BH. WAM

Conferences like the Broadband Communities truly do help Build A Fiber-Connected World and GigaMonster Networks is proud to be there every step of the way: changing lives and communities one property and customer at a time.

Become a GigaMonster Community

We connect communities to a better future, let us help you find yours! Contact a member of our Business Development team to discuss your unique needs and learn about our custom solutions.

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