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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

If you work in a medical office, you understand the distinct need for a secure, reliable, and fast Internet connection. Complex in nature and time-consuming to maintain, this level of online access requires ongoing monitoring to prevent every risk, from HIPAA non-compliance to data loss. That’s why GigaMonster has commercial networks that are specifically configured for medical offices. With direct peering and twice the bandwidth at a fraction of the average price, it’s like having an express lane to your EMR (Electronic Medical Records). Symmetrical speeds provide full uploads and downloads simultaneously so that files can transfer in seconds. All GigaMonster commercial properties are built on our Universal Access Platform, enabling property-wide, lightning-fast, secure internet for employees and guests. We understand that being able to stay on your local network at the hospital’s deli, your office, or a patient’s room is crucial. UAN makes that happen! Our UAN is also HIPAA-compliant, offering the same security as the Pentagon.

Become a GigaMonster Community

We connect communities to a better future, let us help you find yours! Contact a member of our Business Development team to discuss your unique needs and learn about our custom solutions.

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