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GigaMonster's COVID-19 Response

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

In the Spring of 2020, as COVID-19 became more prevalent throughout the world, GigaMonster focused heavily on making sure we all stayed connected. While our employees transitioned to a work-from-home platform, the company shifted focus to be more customer-oriented than ever before. During this challenging time, our subscribers needed us more than ever. As online learning, events, and video calls became the "new normal”, Internet was the one thing keeping us together.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented new challenges across all fronts for our customers and teams. Suddenly, we rose to the top of the “essential places of business” list, finding ourselves a pivotal component of our customers' everyday lives. Prior to the pandemic, Internet was an important piece of everyone's daily routines yet interspersed with social interactions. Due to various mandates, however, virtual communication completely replaced in-person contact. GigaMonster responded instantly to the rapidly changing environment for our employees and our customers.

Renewing our commitment to a customer-centric experience, we heightened our focus on ensuring minimal service interruptions and developed plans for immediate problem resolution. When our call center was closed due to an outbreak, employees from other departments quickly took on new roles and became temporary call center representatives. We shifted our focus from upcoming launches to existing sites by moving technicians from construction to in-home service at a moment’s notice. Jumping in together only made the company more resilient and strengthened our comradery.

GigaMonster Networks remains laser-focused on delivering superior service and reliability for our customers while adapting to whatever tomorrow brings!

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