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GigaMonster Networks embraces Denver’s soaring MDU market.

Atlanta, GA -- GigaMonster Networks, (“GigaMonster”) one of the nation’s leading fiber-based network providers to multi-tenant properties and mixed-use communities, announces that it has launched further expansion into the vibrant and diverse market of Denver, Colorado. Excited to further entrench into the mile high city, GigaMonster delivers the nation’s most advanced wired and wireless network at Greens of Van Der Water, Lake Vista and Arbor Square, where residents are demanding more bandwidth, ubiquitous connectivity, and smarter safety systems, throughout all shared property amenities.

Taking connectivity to new heights, GigaMonster’s unique Universal Access Network® (UAN) platform, allows for any community to go beyond high-tech with the capacity to handle increasingly large amounts of bandwidth and IP-based applications such as smart home technology and emergency management systems. GigaMonster UAN® is a pervasive, managed solution, providing secure, property-wide connectivity to all residents and their guests, promoting a modern design intertwining a crucial piece of modern fabric. This pioneering, state-of-the-art, seamless infrastructure promotes staying connected throughout the community including common areas and amenity spaces.

GigaMonster Networks, LLC. was chosen by LivCor, LLC. as the Wi-Fi provider for five luxury communities in the Denver market, joining GigaMonster’s already significant footprint. LivCor, a premier multifamily asset management group driven by creating lasting relationships with residents and communities, sees GigaMonster as setting a new standard in the industry. By utilizing GigaMonster’s advanced Universal Access Networks®, LivCor can efficiently manage their suite of IoT devices and leverage the Internet of Things for sophisticated risk reduction and process efficiency. GigaMonster is excited for the opportunities LivCor’s partnership will provide residents across Denver.

About GigaMonster Networks Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, GigaMonster Networks, LLC, (“GigaMonster”) supplies its industry leading Universal Access Network® to multifamily communities, commercial buildings, and mixed-use developments in 50+ major U.S. markets at speeds up to 10 Gbps. GigaMonster’s Universal Access Network® is the first of its kind, providing its building partners with a robust, enterprise-grade network that meets all the IP-connectivity needs throughout their buildings and outdoor spaces. As one of the nation’s fastest-growing gigabit multi-tenant network providers, GigaMonster offers the best customer experience available, delivering higher occupancy, longer retention rates, and increased property values. GigaMonster is both a Barings and Blackstone portfolio company. To learn more, visit

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