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GigaMonster Launches Gigabit Internet Service in Denver

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

New Generation Provider Offers Speeds up to 1 Gigabit per Second to Multifamily Communities

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GigaMonster, one of the nation’s first gigabit Internet service providers, announced today it will begin offering services in the Denver area this spring. The company, which has already launched in several of the nation’s top markets, will offer residents of select multifamily communities a 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) Internet service that is symmetrical (the same speed up as down), branding these communities as True Gigabit Communities.

“Big cable consistently ranks at the bottom of the worst customer service industry in the country”

“We not only deliver 1 Gbps symmetrical speeds to each resident, we deliver it at some of the lowest latency values in the country,” said GigaMonster CEO Bill Dodd. “Making GigaMonster one of the most sought-after Internet services for video and music streaming as well as online gaming — which today is almost everyone. We built our network specifically to serve multifamily communities, with features like `Direct Routing,’ which allows our customers to stream video from sites like Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and many others, without those streams ever traversing today’s overly congested public Internet.” Translated, everything runs much faster with very low latency.

GigaMonster’s unique fiber-based architecture is not the only thing that distinguishes it from competitors. Its unprecedented Customer Experience Platform targets not only subscribers, but also community management teams responsible for delivering an overall amazing residential experience. GigaMonster’s platform includes features like dedicated Customer Experience Managers for each community, simple pricing with no hidden fees, no term commitments, no credit checks, and no annoying monthly data caps — just an amazing Internet connection at an incredible price that never goes up.

“Big cable consistently ranks at the bottom of the worst customer service industry in the country,” said Craig Weaver, GigaMonster’s Customer Experience director. “As a result, being the best provider as compared to cable is not a worthy goal. We strive to deliver an experience on par with the likes of Amazon and Apple, where customers are the center of our universe and not a necessary evil as they are viewed by our competitors. We are clearly not your parents' Internet service, something we can all be grateful for.”

GigaMonster’s service is available to residents of all types of multifamily communities. To find out if your multifamily community qualifies for the GigaMonster service, visit us at


GigaMonster provides Scary Fast Internet™ to residents of multifamily communities at symmetrical speeds of up to 1 Gbps with very low latency. As one of the nation’s fastest growing multifamily Gigabit Internet providers, GigaMonster’s goal is to not only offer the absolute best customer experience available, but to also add considerable value to its real estate partners by delivering higher occupancies, longer retention rates and increased property values. GigaMonster accomplishes this in large part through its unique network architecture that delivers an unmatched experience for video streamers and online gamers. To learn more, visit

Original Source: GigaMonster Launches Gigabit Internet Service in Denver | Business Wire

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