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GigaMonster Debuts Largest Project in Rocky Mountain Region

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Country Club Towers II & III residents receive state-of-the-art technology for a new generation of users

Denver, Nov. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GigaMonster®, one of the nation’s leading fiber-based internet providers, today announced the company is now offering speeds up to one gigabit per second to each resident at Country Club Towers II & III, a Broe Group development located in Denver’s Washington Park neighborhood. The newly opened 552-unit luxury apartment community is GigaMonster’s largest deployment in the Denver market to date.

“By incorporating smart home technology, such as advanced keyless entry, alongside GigaMonster’s gigabit internet service and DIRECTV’s unmatched video service, The Broe Group has redefined the standards for luxury apartment living,” said Walter Armer, vice president at The Broe Group. “Our residents’ professional and personal technology needs were major factors in shaping the Country Club Towers II & III community, and GigaMonster delivers the speed and versatility that residents value.”

The Broe Group partnered with GigaMonster during the construction phase of Country Club Towers II & III to deliver speeds up to more than 20 times faster than Colorado’s average 40-megabits-per-second (40 Mbps) service. With GigaMonster’s low-latency and Direct Routing internet service, Country Club Towers II & III will provide residents with one of the best online video streaming and gaming connections in the market, while DIRECTV’s award-winning 4K and sports packages will offer residents video programming available on any device.

GigaMonster’s digital service offerings have propelled it to become one of the most highly recognized multifamily providers in the country. Since its initial Denver launch in February 2016, GigaMonster has opened new markets in California, Nevada, Ohio and Minnesota, bringing the total to more than 25 markets across the U.S., with multiple new markets seeking access to GigaMonster service. GigaMonster remains one of the few providers in the U.S. to bring true symmetrical gigabit speeds to the tens of thousands of multifamily residents it serves.

“In addition to its unprecedented network designs, GigaMonster stands far above many other ISPs by eliminating data caps and refusing to sell or use personal data, ensuring 100 percent privacy to its customers,” said Lindsay Whitehurst, GigaMonster’s vice president of sales and marketing. “In almost every sense, GigaMonster is the next generation internet provider that is nothing like your parents’ internet. GigaMonster has removed all of the hurdles that make it difficult to work with ISPs and cable providers alike, leaving only the best customer experience possible.”

“We have found The Broe Group to be one of the most customer-centric developers in the luxury apartment industry and we could not be more proud and excited to be a part of this unparalleled community that is setting new standards in high-tech, luxury living,” said Bill Dodd, GigaMonster chairman and CEO. “All residents will have access to low-latency internet starting at 100 Mbps, with an option to upgrade to 1 Gbps at any time.”

GigaMonster’s service is available to residents of all types of multifamily communities. To find out if your multifamily community qualifies for GigaMonster service, visit To find out more about living in Country Club Towers II & III, visit


GigaMonster provides Scary Fast Internet™ to residents of multifamily communities at symmetrical speeds of up to 1 Gbps with very low latency. As one of the nation’s fastest growing multifamily gigabit internet providers, GigaMonster’s goal is to not only offer the absolute best customer experience available, but to also add considerable value to its real estate partners by delivering higher occupancies, longer retention rates and increased property values. GigaMonster accomplishes this in large part through its unique network architecture that delivers an unmatched experience for video streamers and online gamers. To learn more, visit

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